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Data Science Consultant with expertise in economics, time series analysis, and Bayesian methods

I implement data science solutions for organizations across a range of industries through implementation of statistical analysis as well as more advanced machine learning methodologies.

My educational background is a Master’s degree in Economics. As such, much of my work has been in the domain of business intelligence; i.e. using machine learning technologies to develop solutions to a wide range of business problems. I most frequently work with Python and R.

My areas of interest include

Are you working on a similar type of problem that you wish to discuss? If you feel that my expertise can be of help to you, feel free to e-mail me.

Frequently used techniques and technologies

ARIMA, AWS, InterpretML, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prophet, PyMC3, Python, R, Shiny Web Apps, TensorFlow

Training Courses

Time Series Forecasting with Bayesian Modeling. LiveProject series produced for Manning Publications

TensorFlow 2.0 Essentials: What’s New. Video seminar produced for O’Reilly Media

Business Analytics with R — Statistics and Machine Learning. Video series produced for O’Reilly Media