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About Me


I help companies unleash the statistical capabilities of Python and R to conduct effective business analysis - offering both training and consultation services.

With a background in economics and statistics, I have devised numerous training courses in Python and R for major educational outlets, including O’Reilly Media and Manning Publications. I have also delivered various training seminars at major data conferences, including Big Data Europe and ML Conference Munich.

As both a data science consultant and financial writer, I have implemented statistical solutions in Python and R to help companies solve a range of business issues. This has included the use of regression analysis to allow a company to identify optimal levels of marketing spend while maximising revenue, as well as creating reactive, web-based visualization dashboards to analyse pricing and occupancy data of a major hotel chain to infer future growth patterns.

Do you feel my expertise could be of use? If so, please feel free to reach out.

Teaching Experience

Time Series Forecasting with Bayesian Modeling. LiveProject series produced for Manning Publications.

TensorFlow 2.0 Essentials: What’s New. Video seminar produced for O’Reilly Media.

Business Analytics with R: Statistics and Machine Learning. Video series produced for O’Reilly Media.

Technical Skills

Cloud: AWS, Azure, Render

Languages: Python, R, SQL

Libraries: InterpretML, PyMC3, scikit-learn, statsmodels, TensorFlow

Platforms and relevant tools: PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, pgAdmin4, RStudio, Git, Docker, Linux

Visualization libraries: Dash, geopandas, ggplot2, matplotlib, plotly, pyplot, seaborn, Shiny